11 Benefits of Getting to Know Your Not-for-Profit’s Sponsors

It’s no secret that most not-for-profit supporters donate to the organizations that align with their values and experiences. Recently, the Forbes Nonprofit Council shared 11 reasons why customizing your communication to these supporters can have major growth impacts for you and your organization.

  1. Creating content that better engages your supporters can offer more opportunities such as guest presenters in classes, work sponsorships, or side-by-side efforts to spread the mission of your organization.
  2. Curating messaging specific to your sponsors can better build the relationship, growing supporters into ambassadors.
  3. Building these relationships offers you the chance to ask what’s important to your sponsors, giving you valuable feedback on the best ways to achieve your mission.
  4.  Paying attention to supporter’s interests and experience shows them that you value more than their wallets.
  5. Supporters already believe in your cause, customizing your interactions with them can increase how strongly they believe in it by seeing how their goals align with those of the organization.
  6. Customizing outreach reiterates the donor’s value and importance to your organization, which can make them continue to support you for years to come.
  7. The relationship you have built with the donors by using customized content can offer feedback on expectations and experiences.
  8. Listening to a donor’s passions can open doors to collaboration and more direct support.
  9. Engaging donors more will help them feel as though they are “owners” and part of the mission, making them advocates for your organization.
  10. The value of your organization to the donor will grow.
  11. Bonds between your and your supporters that go beyond fundraising will help your business thrive.

You can read the full article at Forbes.com by clicking here.