Get to know Senior Staff Accountant Brittany!

Brittany Dolly joined De Boer Baumann & Company as an intern in January 2017 and then joined the team full time as soon as tax season ended. She graduated from Davenport University with an associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree. While there, she was part of the Honors of Professional Accountancy program, which is a dual bachelor’s and master’s program. She currently works on many not-for-profit clients and assists with audits and reviews. She also sits on the Not-For-Profit Niche Committee.

Brittany’s favorite part of working for DBC is how well everyone gets along. She says, “I love our team because we all get along well and genuinely want to see everyone grow in both their careers and personal lives.” Her favorite part about living in Michigan is the changing seasons. “When I was younger, I thought I loved Fall the most,” she said, “but the older I get the more I appreciate and enjoy all the seasons.” She also loves the Mackinac Bridge “I grew up in the upper peninsula, and the bridge was my favorite part about the long car rides to visit family downstate”.

Brittany has come a long way from her first job at Burger King. “My family makes fun of me to this day when I answer the phone or place orders,” she says. “My voice changes because, when I first started working the drive-thru, my managers would say, ‘Brittany, I can’t hear you smiling.’ It’s a habit I’ve never been able to break.”

Today, Brittany lives with Zura, her husband of nine years, their two children, Alannah and Myles, their two cats, Eva and Fizzgig, and a bearded dragon named Chomper. “Myles is obsessed with dinosaurs, so we got him a lizard,” she explains.

Brittany Dolly Brittany Dolly