Tips for Unifying Your Not-for-Profit Operations

It is easy for organizations to become compartmentalized. However, isolation of one area of a not-for-profit from another can lead to inefficient operations and other difficulties. In a recent article from Forbes, eleven nonprofit professionals offer advice for helping not-for-profits break downing organizational silos.

Some of the advice offered by the Nonprofit Council includes:

  • Encourage effective communication within your teams by asking questions at team meetings that tie projects together across departments.
  • Strive to build trust and a team spirit among the different areas of your organization.
  • Create an organizational culture that transcends departments and encourages your teams to work together.
  • Ensure that all roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in order to improve accountability and efficiency.
  • Encourage both formal and informal communication among your team and draw upon collaborative communication technologies, such as Slack.

For more advice from the Nonprofit Council, click here to visit Forbes and read the article in full.